I've seen this mentioned a few times, but I haven't come across a discussion. If I missed it, just direct me to it and thanks for your help.I need a new computer. My old one died suddenly so I need one of the new Macbook Pros. But I can't decide between the retina or regular. Specced out to what I want, including aftermarket upgrades to the RAM and SSD for the non-retina, the retina comes out to about $250 cheaper. I don't care about the battery (comparable batteries cost between $180 (Dell) and $250 (Sony)). The SSD should be replaceable by the time it falls out of warranty. But if the RAM fails, it's dead.So here's my question: What is the failure rate for RAM in general or, even better, in the Macbook Airs? It seems like its really a question of insurance for my situation. Is there really much risk?

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