I built two new machines over the weekend, and as with all new builds, I let the latest build of Memtest86+ run overnight. In these days of ever-greater quantities of RAM, that timeline doesn't afford as many passes as it used to (~5 passes or so for both 16GB systems), but I figure it's as good an indicator as I'm going to get that the RAM is alright.One system passed with flying colors, but the other didn't... quite. It reported one error, in one stick, on Test 7, on Pass 2. The error did not happen on any of the other 4 passes. This isn't something I'm used to; either RAM has been totally clean, or there's been an orgy of errors that made further troubleshooting (and generally RMAing of something) necessary. But a single error on a single pass... is that worthy of the same investigation? Does the answer change whether it's 1/5 passes, or 1/10, or 1/20? At what point can I decide that that single error was a fluke and move on towards deployment?

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